Mediation After 30s

Hi All ,


Today i am start with Mediation !!! Yeah Meditation is very important Part in your life and I am Daily doing mediation since i was 20 years old and trust me its really helpful for after marriage, Delivery And you can do meditation with your kids too.

Let me Tell You First How To do Mediation :

Mantra: Omkar

Posture: Sit with the legs crossed in Easy Pose. Grasp the knees firmly, keeping the elbows straight and the chest lightly lifted. The chin is pulled in gently, to align the skull with the rest of the spine

Time: Begin with a 3-minute practice, gradually increasing to 22 minutes. The maximum length of the meditation is 62 minutes.

Eyes: The eyes are closed or 1/10th open.

Here is link to do mediation at home for beginners:


I hope you all like my page and please drop me your comments and questions …enjoy..





One thought on “Mediation After 30s

  1. Elvera July 13, 2018 / 7:08 am

    Nowadays, ladies are successful and are holding great positions within the
    corporate sector.


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