Meditation Help You after 30s

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Last blog i have explain you about how to do mediation and i hop you all start your day with mediation. Now  in this blog  i am explaining you about meditation.

Cleansing the Mind

“Meditation is a process…At any time which is peaceful (the best is the early morning time, before the dawn), you’ll be surprised that in a couple of minutes a lot of thoughts will start coming to you—the X-rated thoughts, the ugly, angry thoughts. If you let those thoughts pass by, this is meditation. All those thoughts that can pass at that moment of your life can never enter your subconscious mind, and they will not bother you again. This procedure of cleansing the mind is called meditation…It takes about three minutes to get those kinds of thoughts. And sometimes they continue to bug you for about half an hour. But, if you physically don’t move, the mind becomes still. That is the foundation, or the beginning of the meditative mind. Once your mind starts becoming still and not having any thoughts, you will feel cozy, and that coziness cannot be described even by me. All I can tell you is that it is very comfortable, it is very cozy, and you will want to do it again and again. But in the beginning you cannot do it for a long time.

Meditation and Stress

Stress increases the levels of cortisol in our bodies. Constant stress over time increases the levels of cortisol, which increases our likelihood of gaining weight, feeling sluggish, fatigued, tired, and unhappy. To combat these items we often turn to food, whether fast food which has high calorie and fat contents, or comfort foods which often lead us to overeat.

Cortisol is produced in the cortex of the adrenal glands. It helps us regulate blood pressure, heart, and it helps us use fats, proteins, glucose, increases insulin release for blood sugar maintenance, and increases inflammatory responses … or that swelling that occurs in various parts of our bodies which is not there when we are not stressed. Generally, we have higher cortisol levels in the morning; lower levels in the evening, naturally. By drinking coffee in the morning, we actually increase cortisol in our bodies, above the normally higher levels.

High blood pressure is generally a common negative side effect of stress and high cortisol levels for everyone. And, many folks have proposed that various activities beyond meditation, work.  Meditation does lower blood pressure and thus cortisol levels, which reduce the negative effects.

Meditation and Sleep

Once we reduce stress and the negative effects of cortisol, we are able to sleep better. Besides calming the mind, meditation helps individuals deal with various sleep disorders. Specifically, meditation helps you focus on the present. While we all have 1,000 thoughts per second, meditation helps train our minds to concentrate or focus on specific things. Contrary to popular belief, we cannot really just empty our minds. We can, however, train them to focus. This focus helps us slow our pulse, which means our blood pressure (BP) falls. As BP decreases, blood supply increases to our extremities, warming our hands and feet, and our brain waves change.

Brain Waves – Memory, Recall, Happiness, Depression, & Pain

There are beta, theta, alpha, delta, and gamma brain waves. Beta brain waves occur when we are awake. Most of us when we are thinking are in a beta state. Alpha brain waves occur when we are relaxed. Alpha states help us become creative and learn. Alpha brain waves are believed to help us heal. If we never relax, the stress hormone never goes down and our ability to learn and be creative diminishes. Theta brain waves occur when we are asleep, sometimes often known as REM or dream sleep. Theta waves allow us to learn, heal, and grow. Delta waves also occur during sleep or are unconscious. Gamma waves occur when we are hyper-alert and perceptive to our surroundings and information.

One of the changes that meditation can create over time is the emission of more gamma brain waves. Gamma brain waves allow the brain to link or connect information in various locations. That means high gamma-wave activity benefits or increases intelligence, self-control, natural optimistic attitude, and increases compassion. Connections mean we have better memory, more memory capacity, and a higher level to perceive connections between and among systems.

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