After Pregnancy Weight

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Home workout routines for women shouldn’t end just because there’s a baby around now. Fitness routines for women are even more important after a pregnancy even if you’re not quite feeling up to it. Home workout routines can start within days of a natural birth and a few weeks after a C-section as long as you have your doctor’s green light.Home exercise routines should start as soon as. I am Doing Sun salutation Since I was 20 Years old and Now i am doing with my Lil Daughter and she enjoying too.. 🙂


It will help you lose weight faster, much faster than dieting. When done at a fast pace, Sun Salutation can give you an excellent cardiovascular workout helping you to lose weight. The postures will help stretch your abdominal muscles while helping you shed pounds around your belly.

ThoughSun Salutation should be a part of your morning routine, there are certain exceptions when it comes to who cannot practise this exercise.

  • Pregnant women should not practise this after their third month of pregnancy.
  • Patients of hernia and high blood pressure are advised against this practice.
  • People suffering from back pain should seek proper advice before commencing Sun Salutation.
  • Women should avoid Sun Salutation and other asanas during their periods.

So start your day with Sun Salutation and see the difference in your physical and mental state within a short period.

Following is Step by Step Sun Salutation  Step:

SO Start your day with mediation and Sun salutation its helpful you after 30’s .I hope you all like my blog and plz drop your comment or questions …:)

Love u all




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