Best And Worst Time To Eat

Hi All,

It’s not just about eating the right kind and amount of food. And, it’s not just about the calorie counts and carbs you consume either. It’s about the RIGHT TIME you need to know in eating your foods to make yourself healthy and the body function at its best. They don’t just say time is of the essence, because the essence of food is really in the right timing.

We have very bad eating habits and there is less   awareness about what are the best  and worst  time to ear… here you go… so plan your diet accordingly :

  1. Milk 


  • Best Time to Drink In Night : Because warm milk soothes the body and help in getting good night’s sleep.
  • Worst time to drink in Morning : Because  unless followed by lots of physical activities , milk can be heavy to digest and mess with your meal timings.



  • Best Time to Eat In Day  :  Because Assists in digestion and soothes the digestive system.
  • Worst time to Eat  in Night :  Because Especially if you are prone to old and cough. It will lead to mucus formation.

3) CHEESE : 


  • Best Time to Eat Early Morning  : Because for vegetarians, cheese is an  excellent substitute for  meat.if eaten in moderation ,it can prevent weight gain  and bloating.
  • Worst time to Eat Night : Because use heavy to digest, it can lead to indigestion and fat again.

4) APPLE : 


  • Best Time to Eat Morning  : Because Apple peel has the fiber pectin that  helps in bowel movement and prevents constipation. It also eliminates carcinogens (means,a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue.).
  • Worst time to Eat Night : Because Apple’s organic acids will increase the acid levels in your stomach leading to discomfort. Pectin too will burden your digestive system at night.



  • Best Time to Eat Evening   : Because walnuts contain a number of beneficial compounds such as omega-3 fats and antioxidants. they have been proven to help in improving brain health.
  • Worst time to Eat morning/ noon /Night : Because eating walnuts during these times might reduce its effectiveness.

6) RICE : 


  • Best Time to Eat LUNCH  : Because Metabolism is higher during the day, giving you ample(more than you expect)  chance to use up the carbohydrates.
  • Worst time to Eat Night : Because It will just increase your body fat.



  • Best Time to Eat Noon  : Because Highly fibrous bananas helps in digestion . bananas work as natural antacid and soothe heartburn.
  • Worst time to Eat Night : Because eating bananas at night can lead to mucus formation and cold. Eating it on an empty stomach can upset the stomach since it is a rich source of magnesium.

8) MEAT : 


  • Best Time to Eat Noon : Because Meat is a hard food to digest. High in protein ,meat helps in gaining  physical strength and improve concentration levels if consumed during the daytime.
  • Worst time to Eat Night : Because high in protein, meat might weigh heavy on your digestive system and give you uncomfortable night



  • Best Time to Eat NOON  : Because High in fiber , lentils and beans help in digestion and reduce cholesterol levels . They have been proven to assist in getting a good sleep.
  • Worst time to Eat Morning  : Because  Eating fibrous food such as lentils and beans in the morning or during daytime  might increase you appetite which could lead you binge eat.

Research shown as these good eating habits make yourself healthy and the body function at its best. So, Decide yourself what to eat at what time and keep yourself healthy.

Hope this article  was informative and  useful to all those reading my blog  drop your Comment below with your inputs. Love you all …😉



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