Revlon Touch and Glow Compact Review

Hi All,


Today I am going to give you Revlon Compact review.  My makeup feels incomplete without it. All need a powder to lock makeup and also make it last longer. It also helps to control shine on oily  face.

Revlon Claims :  A moisturising face powder that smoothens, silkens, evens out your skin tone. Use as a minimum makeup or touchup for a natural finish that lasts. Stays colour true, even on oily skin.

Price:  490 INR for 12g


Most of the claims about this product are true. Yes, it is indeed smooth and silky and gives a neat even finish to the skin. It blends well unlike many other powders.I though don’t like companies who give suggestion to use other products with the product which we are buying but  with this I myself would like to recommend Revlon to do that. Especially for those who have oily or combination oily skin.



It has an average staying power of around 4-5 hours. So you need to reapply the powder after regular intervals. You have no choice other than carrying it around with you and do touch-ups whenever required. So overall I am very much satisfied with this product’s performance.


Reason to love about this product :

  • Gives matte finish.
  • Daily use.
  • Smells is mild quite soft on skin.
  • feels very light on skin.
  • Hides blemishes.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Reason not to love about this product:

  • No SPF.
  • Don’t like mirror and puff (Cheap Packing ) .
  • Costly.
  • Does not stay longer.

Overall good product and will recommend to all working woman who do not have the time to apply foundation but do want to give themselves a flawless look. Just use this powder and some blush and you will look nice and fresh at-least  4-5 hours easily. Best for dry skin.

Hope this review  was informative and  useful to all those reading my blog  drop your Comment below with your inputs. Love you all …😉


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