Bottle Gourd/Lauki Thalipeeth Recipe


Hi all,

Dudhi/Lauki/Bottle Gourd is healthy vegetable which many do not like. My daughter also do not eat it’s curry. But paratha is not only healthy but tasty too. It can be eaten at the time of breakfast, lunch or dinner. It tastes great when eaten with  curry,subzi,curd,pickle,cutney or tomato ketchup.

Prep. Time : 5-6 Min      Cooking Time : 15-20 Min.     Serves : 3 


  •    Lauki / dudhi / bottle gourd                   :    1-2 cups grated 
  •    Wheat / Atta flour                                     :    2 cups
  •    Gram Flour (besan)                                   :    1/2 cup
  •    Turmeric Powder                                        :    1/2 tsp
  •    Sesame seeds                                              :    1 tsp
  •    Thymol seeds/Ajwain seeds                    :    1/2 tsp
  •    Aniseed  (Sauf)                                            :    1/2 tsp
  •    Red chilli pwd                                              :    ½ tsp
  •    Green Chilli                                                  :     1
  •    Ginger garlic paste                                     :    1 tsp
  •    Coriander leaves chopped                       :    2 tbsp
  •    Salt to taste
  •    Lemon
  •   Oil / butter as required

Method Step by Step With Pictures : 

Step 1 :  First Wash and peel the skin of Lauki/Bottle gourd. Grate Lauki.


Step 2 :  Now add sesame seeds, salt, ajwain, ginger garlic, Aniseed  (Sauf) , Green cilli  paste, Garam flour  and combine well.


Step 3  : Add Garam Masala, Red Chilli powder, turmeric powder, Lemon, Whole wheat flour, 1 tsp oil and Mix well.


Step 4 :  Add some water and mix well. Remember: You may need to use a little more or less water depending on how ‘watery’ your lauki or bottle gourd is.


Step 5 : Heat Frying Pan and add oil. Take small dough on pan and spread likes shown in below pic.(when Spreading dough put some water on dough to spread well )

Step 6 :   Drizzle some oil on the edges and on the top as well.

Step 7 :  Cook for 1-3  minutes until edges turns brown and crispy.

Step 8 :  Serve Hot with pickle and curd. 🙂



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