Body Changes In Your 30’s

Hi All,

These days lot of things going on.  From the busy schedule i got some time to write for my blog. Some time ago I read an article about what happens to a woman’s body during her  30s.  Whether we like it or not, after the age of 30, women’s bodies experience some changes. Understanding and recognising that these changes are a normal part of aging can help in the transition and make such changes seem less sudden and strange. So familiarise yourself with how your body is going to be changing as you learn about women’s body changes.

These are body changes  : 

  • Weight Gain  or Weight Loss :   According to experts, after 30  your metabolism begins to slow down. This is why you may find yourself gaining weight even though you aren’t eating more.



  • Wrinkles, Skin changing  :   Your skin begins to lose elasticity. Most people will notice a few small wrinkles on forehead, mouth and eyes. If you experience a lot of stress, they can be much more apparent.



  •  Hair loss :  For many men and even some women, if they’re going to develop hair loss, it will usually start happening in their 30s. It usually starts with thinning hair or a receding hairline.



  • Increased Disease Risk :  Decreased immune efficiency, slower repair processes and reduced production of key hormones are a few of the suspected reasons. Once you’re in your 30s, your risks of things like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic pain go up.



  • Fertility :  Hormones start dropping in your 30s, so do your chances of conceiving. It’s not uncommon for people over 30 to struggle with starting a family, and many eventually turn to fertility treatments for assistance.



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