Best & Worst Foods For Kids During Monsoon Season

One easy way to take care of your kids during the rainy season is to plan monsoon foods for them. We all know that during monsoon, the body is more Sensitive to catch an infection and digestive process in kids slows down during monsoons.  Every care has to be taken to avoid such conditions. The need is to make the body strong internally and develop the immune system. With a strong immune system, diseases can be kept away.

So, Here i am going to share some best and worst foods for kids during this monsoon:-

Best Foods For Rainy Season

1) EGG  :  Egg is full of protein and a complete meal in itself. With one egg every day, your child is bound to get a good dose of all required vitamins, minerals and proteins along with the power to fight colds and coughs. Its warmth giving quality is just ideal for the monsoon.


2)  Garlic :  Any food with garlic is a good bet in the monsoon, mainly because garlic is packed with antioxidants. It helps boost the body’s immunity and also regulates the metabolism. You can add garlic to any foods you cook for your child for added taste as well as benefit.


3) Milk :  Kesar, turmeric  is a spice that contains plant derived chemicals and is found to be very helpful in preventing diseases. This makes it one of the helpful monsoon foods for kids. Mixed with milk, it becomes a power drink for child.


4 )  Soups :  Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, soup is comforting and beneficial every way. Add some pasta to the soup and make it a complete meal. A soup is always one of the healthy foods for kids.


5 ) Ginger  :   During monsoon, the immune system becomes weak and the stomach is prone to catch infection. Consuming ginger is an excellent way to keep the stomach healthy and free of infection.


6) Almonds  :   These nuts are a great snacking option any time of the year, but during monsoon, they give your kids an extra protective cover against various diseases. Almonds are packed with digestive fibre which regulates the metabolism and prevents onset of tummy issues – otherwise a common problem during monsoon.



Worst Foods For Rainy Season

  1. Dahi /Yoghurt  :  The monsoon is the time when many children fall prey to seasonal illnesses such as cold and cough. Yogurt is known to aggravate the problem of sinusitis when consumed at this time. This happens mainly because of its cooling nature. Also avoid other curd-based foods. It could worsen your child’s cough or congestion.


2 ) Indo-Chinese Street Food  :   Kids love the street-side Chinese food that is very popular in India. However, this is not a safe food for monsoon season. During the rainy season, chances are high that the water used for preparation could be contaminated. The food could also be infected by germs from flies and insects.


3) Soft Drinks :   I am/expert not saying this only to avoid risk of cold and fever. Experts say that fizzy drinks reduce the minerals in our body, and this can reduce enzyme activity. The end result is that the digestive system gets weaker at a time when the body is already at risk of digestive issues. Overall, not a healthy food in rainy season at all!

4)  Sea Food :   Monsoon is the breeding season for some fish and prawns and this can impact the quality and/or taste. Fish can also turn bad rapidly in the humid and wet weather. It is better to stick to poultry items such as chicken.

sea food


Do you have any more monsoon foods to recommend ? Write to us in the comments below

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2 thoughts on “Best & Worst Foods For Kids During Monsoon Season

  1. Megala June 23, 2017 / 6:59 pm

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!


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