Girl’s Swimsuit Ideas

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Isn’t everything so much cuter when it’s itty-bitty? Here are some of our favorite swimsuits idea for little gals. Since the weather is heating up, and you’re bound to be spending time at the beach and/or pool ,waterparks with the kids, here are  incredibly cute swimsuit idea for little girls. We just had waterpark day with my cutie and here are some pictures of her.


More Swimsuit idea Cuteness overloaded 🙂




Enjoy your summer vacations ! !!



Mother-Daughter Vacation Essentials

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It’s vacation season! But before you can get on with your getaway, the stress sets in: what,how to pack for the trip? Whether you are fashionista or a no-frills traveler,these lists are made for you to customise  to fit your own personal.

Vacations are great, but the packing process can be a headache! Before you head out make sure you have all your beauty,Healths needs on hand to get through your trip. Here are mother-Daughters  essentials you’ll need for the perfect vacation.

First Start with Daughter(kids) Essentials  : 


Baby Powder, Body Lotion, ToothPaste ,  Brush, Baby Wipes,  Sanitiser, Soap , Wipes. if you want can add more but your list to ensure you don’t overpack.

Now Mother’s Essentials  : 


1) Sunscreen :  Sunscreen is a must to prevent the rapid aging caused by sun exposure. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends wearing an SPF of 50 or higher for adequate coverage during outdoor activities.

2) FaceWash : Before you’re out until sunrise having fun at the beach, it can be hard to remember to wash off all of your Face.

3) Wipes :   
Maybe you’re too tired for soap and water, or restarting a makeup application gone wrong – either way at some point you’ll need a quick and efficient way to clean your face. Bonus – you can also use these after waking up from an overnight trip or as a substitute for hand sanitiser.

4) Makeup Remover :  It’s come with paper style. It’s easy to carry and clean your face. Before go to bed clean your makeup using makeup remover wipes.

5) LipBam  :  When using lipbam doesn’t make your lips dry.

6) BodyMist :   Not only are rollerballs TSA friendly but they fit perfectly in your clutch, unlike a full -sized bottle of Bodymist . Bring three if you prefer to have options or opt for sample sizes that can be thrown away as you use them up.

7) Moisturiser :  You will be needing to hydrate your skin while protecting it from the sun, so finding your good moisturising cream with high SPF.

8) Deo/Perfume :  Most of people doesn’t want to bring costly Bottle of fragrance with them on a trip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still bring your scent with you. Most perfumes offer a rollerball option. Perfume/deo need throughout trip.

Makeup Bag : 


the key to travel makeup is to keep it to a minimum and save space by using products that can be used for multiple purposes. I don’t like too much makeup on my face instead of occasions. If i am travelling i mostly like natural makeup on my face.

If you’re a chronic over-packer, lay out everything you want to bring, and force yourself to cut it by half. Don’t forget to account for what you’ll wear to the airport/train/bus , and make sure that ensemble includes your bulkiest, heaviest items. And when you’re done with your list, don’t throw it away! Hold onto it to save yourself the work for your next trip.

Enjoy Your Vacations 🙂

Fashion After 30’s In India

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I hope you all are doing great!  Yesterday i  have gone through one article and in that  article they guide you about after 30’s fashion its interesting one ,but fashion is not for indian women with age your way of life changes,your taste changes and your dressing style also changes. What was sexy and cool in your teens may not look goof on you in your 30’s. Thus you have to ready for trendy, sexy ,confident look. I was thinking about indian woman they have also need fashion tips in there 30s. these are the points, which I have collected from all over the article.

What to wear once you are in your 30’s:

  • Structured jacket  with Fitted Jeans : jacket are your best friends. Add to your wardrobe few chic pieces of structured blazers in different hues. Team it up with a great pair of jeans for the effortless look, while the smart add-ons further enhance the ensemble.
  • Longs Cover up (Long shrugs ) : Complete your look with long versatile cover-ups like capes, duster coats etc. to add a dash of sophistication and trend in a single go. You can wear with short dress ,jeans etc.



  • Flattering Jeans :Whatever you do please don’t buy jeans that fit you badly. You can get away with that in your teens but in your 30s it’s more important than ever. A well-fitting, figure flattering jeans is a must-have. Therefore to flaunt your figure you need to wear the pair that fits you best.


  • High end blouse with Ankle Length Pants : you need to add high quality outfits in your 30’s wardrobe. A high-end blouse with ankle length pants and a good handbag will truly make you look elegant and stylish.


  • Tops : Go in for a camisole top to show off your toned arms and play up your bust. They come in various colours, fabric and styles. Those who have a perfect figure can go in for body hugging cotton tops. In the Indian fashion world kurta’s are the in thing. It’s also the perfect style to hide tummy bulges and a large chest. Sleeveless, strappy tops are also the best bet for summer which comes in floral and other prints.


  • Salwar kameez :  For Indian women a good fit salwar kameez  is must have for your wardrobe. salwar kameez is one of the most comfortable all weather outfits and comes in countless designs, materials, sizes and styles. It is very graceful and lends the wearer an aura of feminine charm.


  • Kaftans : Outfits for women in their 30s include the kaftans too. No longer just a beach outfit, kaftans have become more functional and contemporary option for work and home. The most versatile aspect about kaftans is that it suits all body types.


  • Accessories : Accessories are an important part of your wardrobe and the accessories that you wear reflect your personality. They add that extra something to your personality. Choosing the right accessory is as important as choosing your clothes. If your bag, shoes and jewellery are up to the minute, they will make a huge difference to your look. Shoes should be stylish but not at the cost of comfort. Go for platform-heeled shoes which are in vogue. While choosing handbags go in for a shape which is the opposite of your body type. Long strapped ones, short strapped ones or small stylish ones, whichever you buy, always choose the color carefully coz it should go with your outfit. Jewellery is either earthy – wood, beads, leather, or superglam. Choice is yours.


  • Lace or Lightweight Tops with Palazzo Pants : Clothes for women in their 30s need not have to be boring. These incredibly comfortable and lightweight palazzo pants are trending back this season. They look extremely fresh and chic when styled fashionably with lace or lightweight tops.


What not to wear once you are in your 30’s

  • Mini skirt and shorts
  • Low rise jeans: As we ladies mature, our bodies too. Put low-rise jeans away and go for a pair of well-fitted high waist jeans.
  • Off-shoulder: Refrain from off-shoulder, unless you are exceptionally confident about carrying it with elegance.
  • Graphic tees: Keep away from graphic tees, especially those with funky cartoon prints on it.
  • Overalls: It’s better to wear something age appropriate. Just say no to overalls. Period!

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Style Mistakes In Your 30s

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Your 30s are typically a time for settling down, after using your 20s to take risks and find yourself.Many 30-somethings are busy raising a family and rising through the hierarchy at work.
Those who have already been through that decade say that as their responsibilities accumulated, it became easier to neglect relationships and ignore opportunities that they would never get again.

Clothes play a very important role in making you look fashionable. But if not worn correctly, I have found for you some  mistakes women make and they transform from a fashion diva to fashion disaster. These mistakes might not be a conscious move by few of us. So women  I have pointed mistakes you should never make.

  1. Too much black

We all know black can be elegant in many occasions but as you get colder black color doesn’t do you any favors. As we age our skin tends to get whiter and our hair starts graying as well. Wearing black when your skin is pale can create a strong contrast which will draw unwanted attention to your flaws, the wrinkles, dark spots and blemishes.

This goes for the hair color as well, black hair color doesn’t work so well on a pale ten. Dye your hair in a warm shade of brown, it will compliment your skin and make you look 5 years younger. This doesn’t mean you’re forbidden to wear black, just make sure you spice it up with a colorful accessory, like a scarf or a cool necklace.

2. Oversize Cloth 


If you’re trying to cover your hips, arms or stomach underneath a shapeless blazer, you’re actually making yourself look heavier.When ever you get into trial room, take two sizes and then just relax yourself. Clothes are to mean to fit in perfectly always. So buy what fits in properly to a good extend, and then get the garment tailored according to your size. Don’t cry for price as if the dress fits in properly and gets you complements then you will wear it more and will ultimately become value for money.

3. Wearing skirts


Just because you’re getting older it doesn’t mean that you need to forget about short skirts, if you have the legs for it why hide them behind a long skirt. Just remember than mid-calf skirts are most appropriate for young girls so forget the undefined, clumsy lengths. Choose a knee length or above the knee and you’ll see how much better you’ll look.

4. You’ve Got Your Bra on the Wrong Hook


The wrong-size bra makes you look shorter, older and heavier,The clasp should be on the loosest hook to begin with and made tighter as the bra stretches over time. “When it is on the tightest hook—that’s when you know you need a new bra,” says Becker. Since breast size fluctuates—due to weight gain, weight loss and hormonal changes—Becker suggests going for a fitting once a year and buying a new bra every six to eight months.

5. Don’t go shopping with the wrong person

Who you go shopping with can make a big difference so choose your shopping partner wisely. You need someone you can rely on to tell you the truth and someone who has a good taste as well.

6. Too Stretchable jeans 


Stretch denim is a gift to women who shop for both comfort and style, but erring on the side of too much comfort can lead to lumpiness. On the care label, you’ll see Lycra, spandex or elastane. The right jeans will follow your silhouette, have enough stretch so that your legs won’t look as if they’re fighting to break free from your pants.

7. Scarves


If you think a silk scarf around the neck is a cool accessory we should remind you that it’s not the 60ties and you’re not a flight attendant. Instead of tying a scarf around your neck you can tie it around your bag handle and spice your look up with an oversized brooch or a cool looking necklace. The compliments will start piling up pretty soon, you’ll see.

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