Mother-Daughter Vacation Essentials

Hi All,

It’s vacation season! But before you can get on with your getaway, the stress sets in: what,how to pack for the trip? Whether you are fashionista or a no-frills traveler,these lists are made for you to customise  to fit your own personal.

Vacations are great, but the packing process can be a headache! Before you head out make sure you have all your beauty,Healths needs on hand to get through your trip. Here are mother-Daughters  essentials you’ll need for the perfect vacation.

First Start with Daughter(kids) Essentials  : 


Baby Powder, Body Lotion, ToothPaste ,  Brush, Baby Wipes,  Sanitiser, Soap , Wipes. if you want can add more but your list to ensure you don’t overpack.

Now Mother’s Essentials  : 


1) Sunscreen :  Sunscreen is a must to prevent the rapid aging caused by sun exposure. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends wearing an SPF of 50 or higher for adequate coverage during outdoor activities.

2) FaceWash : Before you’re out until sunrise having fun at the beach, it can be hard to remember to wash off all of your Face.

3) Wipes :   
Maybe you’re too tired for soap and water, or restarting a makeup application gone wrong – either way at some point you’ll need a quick and efficient way to clean your face. Bonus – you can also use these after waking up from an overnight trip or as a substitute for hand sanitiser.

4) Makeup Remover :  It’s come with paper style. It’s easy to carry and clean your face. Before go to bed clean your makeup using makeup remover wipes.

5) LipBam  :  When using lipbam doesn’t make your lips dry.

6) BodyMist :   Not only are rollerballs TSA friendly but they fit perfectly in your clutch, unlike a full -sized bottle of Bodymist . Bring three if you prefer to have options or opt for sample sizes that can be thrown away as you use them up.

7) Moisturiser :  You will be needing to hydrate your skin while protecting it from the sun, so finding your good moisturising cream with high SPF.

8) Deo/Perfume :  Most of people doesn’t want to bring costly Bottle of fragrance with them on a trip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still bring your scent with you. Most perfumes offer a rollerball option. Perfume/deo need throughout trip.

Makeup Bag : 


the key to travel makeup is to keep it to a minimum and save space by using products that can be used for multiple purposes. I don’t like too much makeup on my face instead of occasions. If i am travelling i mostly like natural makeup on my face.

If you’re a chronic over-packer, lay out everything you want to bring, and force yourself to cut it by half. Don’t forget to account for what you’ll wear to the airport/train/bus , and make sure that ensemble includes your bulkiest, heaviest items. And when you’re done with your list, don’t throw it away! Hold onto it to save yourself the work for your next trip.

Enjoy Your Vacations 🙂